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Donaldson Awarded With Patent 9,238,189 by USPTO

Patent Awarded for Air Cleaner Arrangements With Internal and External Support for Cartridge, Components and Methods

ALEXANDRIA, Va. Jan.19 --  The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent no. 9,238,189 to Donaldson Company, Inc. for "Air cleaner arrangements with internal and external support for cartridge, components and methods". Inventors include Michel Baseotto, Hasselt, BE; Roberto Merckx, Vilvoorde, BE; Julien Dils, Linter, BE; and Paul Coulonvaux, Brussels, BE.


An air cleaner assembly and components therefor are provided. Features are described providing for a cantilevered support of a filter cartridge contained therein, and also, in some examples anti-rotational support. Also, a supported housing seal is shown. A filter cartridge arrangement is described and shown. Methods of assembly and use are also described.