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Donaldson Awarded With Patent 9,273,585 by USPTO

Patent Awarded for System and Method for Regenerating an Auxiliary Power Unit Exhaust Filter

ALEXANDRIA, Va: March 1 -- The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent no. 9,273,585  to Donaldson Company, Inc. for "System and method for regenerating an auxiliary power unit exhaust filter". Inventors include: John Hiemstra (Lakeville, MN), Eivind Stenersen (River Falls, WI), Wenzhong Zhang (Savage, MN), Allan Hovda (Savage, MN), Gary Dale Reeves (Lakeville, MN) and Josh Kundert (Burnsville, MN).


This disclosure relates to a method for controlling a system for regenerating a diesel particulate filter. The method includes monitoring an engine run time that has lapsed since a previous regeneration event. The method also includes monitoring backpressure behind the diesel particulate filter. The method further includes triggering a regeneration flag if the engine run time that lapsed since the previous regeneration event reaches a predetermined time limit and the backpressure exceeds a minimum value.