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Donaldson Helps Mineral Water Producer Avoid Costly Delays

Industry: Mineral water

Problem: The producer was in jeopardy of missing critical order delivery dates due to their supplier not being able to deliver the filter elements they needed. 

Solution: Incorporating Donaldson's LifeTec™ process filters, including:

  • 30” LifeTec PP100 N - 1 micron P7 filters with polypropylene media
  • 30” LifeTec PES WN - 0.45 micron P7 filters with polyethersulfone media

A leading mineral water producer in the south of France was in jeopardy of missing critical order delivery dates. Because their current filtration equipment supplier couldn’t deliver the filter elements they needed, the manufacturer was faced with the prospect of being forced to reduce production levels, effectively pushing back production schedules and disappointing customers. Management quickly realized it was time to explore other supplier options.

The pH-balanced mineral water, produced specifically for infants, pregnant women and other pediatric applications -- including baby formula and hospitals -- has developed an ardent following and the absence of its crucial product would have been sharply noticed.

While the current filtration provider’s products delivered the required level of filtration efficiency the mineral water producer required, frequent supply chain issues often put the producer in a precarious position. Even with a predictive duration and careful planning, when the filter neared the end of its life cycle, equipment availability was still a major concern.


The mineral water producer reached out to Donaldson for an equivalent solution and was promptly connected to a representative in the region. Leveraging years of extensive beverage filtration experience, Donaldson was able to provide the producer with the ideal filter recommendation. And, because Donaldson stocks thousands of filters that are ready to ship around the world, the recommended filters were delivered to the producer’s facility without delay.

The recommendation included incorporating Donaldson’s revolutionary new LifeTec process filters into their system. An assortment of 30” LifeTec PP100 N filters with polypropylene media and 30” LifeTec PES WN filters with polyethersulfone media was delivered. The filters, constructed with up to 20 percent more media than comparable products, deliver higher flow rates with a lower pressure drop. Their rigid support cage structure resists deformation that leads to media failure, leading to increased reliability and filter life.


The facility obtained a six-week life cycle from the LifeTec filters, equating to roughly 3,700 cubic meters of mineral water production. The producer was able to meet its customer obligations while ensuring safe microbiological retention and a quality product. Subsequent orders have been placed for LifeTec filtration products, and a major source of pH-balanced mineral water production has secured a reliable partner.

Why Donaldson?

Food and beverage production safety regulations are constantly evolving to address commercial and consumer demands. Organizations subject to regulatory reviews or audits are under even greater scrutiny to understand and comply with the latest certifications and requirements. Donaldson’s LifeTec line of process filters use materials suitable for direct and indirect food contact according to the Food and Drug Administration Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, and European Community 1935/2004.

As a recognized leading provider of filtration solutions for sterile air, gas, liquids and steam used in the food and beverage industry, Donaldson is committed to helping its customers protect their operation and reputation with an extensive product portfolio, advanced filtration technology, and unrivaled customer support.

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