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Donaldson to Showcase Filtration Solutions at PoweRex, Myanmar

With over a century of expertise in filtration innovation, Donaldson is collaborating with our channel partners Kian Ann Engineering and Allegiance Parts And Service Co., Ltd to help you optimize your total cost ownership with Donaldson Filtration at PoweRex, Myanmar.

Together we will showcase a complete lineup of filtration solutions including Gas Turbine Filtration, Industrial Dust, Fume and Mist Filtration, Bulk Storage Filtration and Compressed Air Purification for your total power plant filtration needs.

Additional Power Generation Revenue Gained Using TurboTek H2O+

90% of power capacity loss in gas turbines is due to inadequate filtration of inlet air. With Donaldson TurboTek H2O+ E12 HEPA technology, power plant operators can avoid lost power by eliminating 99.5% of contaminants which can result in erosion and fouling on compressor blades.

Minimize Downtime with Bulk Storage Filtration

Changes in today's sophisticated equipment such as the increase in system pressures requires higher cleanliness levels in diesel, hydraulic and lube than ever before. Donaldson bulk storage filtration systems can achieve ISO cleanliness level and help you save on costly component replacement and minimize equipment and vehicle downtime. 

Dura-Life™ Improves the Bottom Line

Dura-Life filter media has been shown to produce lower emissions than the 16 oz. needled polyester material used in most standard filters. Dura-Life media is more efficient at capturing dust, even 2.5 micron or smaller particles, reducing the amount of dust that escapes into the air. 

Dura-Life media requires fewer filter changes, which reduces labor and replacement filter costs. Unique Dura-Life technology traps dust on the surface of the filter, allowing dust to be easily pulsed off during cleaning, resulting in lower pressure drop and annual energy savings.

Come see our technology firsthand at PoweRex, a joint event between Donaldson and our channel partners - Kian Ann Engineering and Allegiance Parts And Service Co., Ltd. Don’t miss the chance to find out more from our experts during the event; we hope to see you there!

When: August 2 - 4, 2018

Location: Novotel Yangon Max, Myanmar

Booth #: 29