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Dura-Life™ Filter Bags Yield 4x Life Over Competition at Grain Facility

Donaldson Torit® Dura-Life™ filter bags, now installed in this Kice dust collector atop the elevator, are giving 4 times the life of the previous filter bags!

Industry: Grain Processing

Problem: A grain processor was getting only 2-to-4 months life from bag filters in their dust collector.

Solution: Donaldson Torit Dura-Life™ filter bags now provide 12 months of useful life, significantly lowering the costs of replacement bags, energy, and labor time.

When a large midwestern grain processor complained about the short life of his 12-oz polyester filter bags, we suggested trying our new “twice the life” Donaldson® Torit® Dura-Life™ filter bags.  Dura-Life™ is designed to operate at a lower pressure drop, improving pulse cleaning and extending filter life.

The grain processor installed Dura-Life™ filters in its Kice dust collector, shown mounted atop the grain elevator in the photo at left.  This collector filters the corn dust generated as the material goes into storage after grinding and milling. The dust particles are 1.0 micron and larger, and the dust loading is considered to be moderate to heavy.

The collector runs 24/7, and standard polyester bags only lasted 2-4 months. If they really “babied it,” they could get the bags to last 5 months.  Now, with Donaldson Torit Dura-Life filter bags,  they get 12 months of operation —  4 times the life! (See table below.)

The initial cost difference of the Dura-Life™ bags was recouped in 32 days.  This savings resulted from fewer bag changouts and the lower operating pressure drop, reducing annual fan & compressor operating costs.

The maintenance director noted that since the Dura-Life™ bags were “softer and slicker,” installation time was reduced by 1.5 hours, further reducing labor costs.

Time Standard Singed Polyester Bags
Pressure Drop
Dura-Life™ Bags Pressure Drop
Clean Bags 3.5-4.0 "wg 1.0-1.5 "wg
1-2 weeks 6.5-7.0 "wg 3.5-4.5 "wg
2-4 months 8" change 3.75"-4.75 "wg
8 months 2nd set of bags dead 4.5 "wg

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