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Torit PowerCore® Helps Anchor Block Operate Smarter

The Donaldson Torit PowerCore® collector at Anchor Block is ducted to a 5,000-lb. concrete mixer that mixes very fine and abrasive sand, fly ash, aggregates and cement. The fine silica dust particles generated at Anchor Block tend to coat and plug traditional filter bags. In the past, Anchor Block has used traditional bag bin vent collectors.

Industry: Cement & Concrete

Problem: The filter bags in the baghouse regularly plugged up, causing high pressure drop

Solution: The new Torit PowerCore dust collector with PowerCore filter packs

Smaller and smarter Torit PowerCore collectors with PowerCore filter packs were the answer to Anchor Block Company’s chronic filter plugging problems and high pressure drop. Prior to beta testing Torit PowerCore in 2007, this Shakopee, Minnesota-based producer of standard concrete block, decorative masonry units, landscape retaining walls and paving stones endured frequent filter changes with its traditional baghouse dust collectors.

“The PowerCore filter packs have worked really well since the collector was installed,” said Jay Battenberg, safety director at Anchor Block. 

“Every time I go by the collector the pressure gauge is hovering at the one-inch mark. Our others collectors—baghouse and cartridge—never run that low.”

Jay Battenberg, Safety Director at Anchor Block

Anchor Block was among the first to beta test a Torit PowerCore dust collector with PowerCore filter packs. The company was so impressed with its first Torit PowerCore collector, it installed a full-scale production unit in March 2008.

In the cement industry, a dust collector still running without filter plugging at very low pressure drop for more than three months is a rarity, Battenberg added. When the time comes to change the filters, Battenberg expects the process to be easy.

“It looks like it’s going to be really easy to change the filters—even easier than a cartridge collector,” said Battenberg. “There are a couple handles and the filters just sit in the collector. It almost looks like an air filter in a car.”

The similarity to engine filters is no coincidence. While Torit PowerCore is only recently available in the industrial processing market Donaldson’s PowerCorefilters with Ultra-Web® technology have long been a mainstay in the engine market, providing higher filtration efficiency in high performance vehicles, construction, agriculture and medium/heavy duty transportation applications. Torit PowerCore is only available from Donaldson Torit.

Project Statistics
Airflow ​1200 CFM* ​2040 CMH**
​Contaminant ​Portland Cement Size, Size range: 5-45 microns diameter ​
​Pressure Drop after 1200 hours (same filters) ​2 inches water gauge ​49.82 dekapascals
​Dust Loading ​10 pounds per hour ​4.5 kilograms per hour

*CFM: cubic feet per minute
**CMH: cubic meters per hour

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