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Ultra-Web® Cartridge Filters Deliver 3x Longer Life on Ceramic Dust from Laser Cutter

Replacing the Farr GoldCone filters on this laser cutter with Donaldson Torit Ultra-Web filters gave this ceramics maker 3 times longer filter life at lower pressure drop—reducing downtime and energy costs.

Industry: Laser cutter, generating industrial ceramic dust

Problem: Short filter life from Farr GoldCone filters—they had to be blown out every 3 weeks.

Solution: Donaldson® Torit® Ultra-Web® cartridge filters with patented fine fibers. The Ultra-Web filters have lasted 1000 hours so far— almost 3 times as long as the Farr filters!

The maintenance crew at this industrial ceramics maker had to remove and clean their dust collector filters every 3 weeks—way too often in their opinion.

Their laser cutter, used to shape the ceramic replacement vertebrae and hip bones the company supplies to the medical industry, was supported by a Farr Gold Series®* dust collector. It was running at 6-inches water gauge and the fan would plug off between laser cuts. To keep the collector functioning, the crew had to remove filters and blow them out with compressed air—three separate times during the 360-hour operational life of the Farr GoldCone filters. Production suffered due to the extra downtime required.

Before taking the drastic step of replacing the collector, the maintenance manager decided to upgrade and install Donaldson® Torit® Ultra-Web® fine fiber cartridge filters in the Farr collector.

Results: 3X Life, Lower Pressure Drop

So far, the maintenance crew has gotten 1000 operational hours from the Ultra-Web cartridge filters—with no sign of stopping! Three times longer filter life…and probably longer.   Fewer filter changes mean more production uptime for the laser cutter and the crew.

No more fan plugging. The collector now runs at a stabilized 4-inches water gauge pressure drop and runs continuously during the 8-hour shift without maintenance.

This ceramics plant has reduced energy consumption, maintenance time, hassle, and supply cost by switching to Donaldson Torit Ultra-Web cartridge filters.

Filter Cartridge Filter Life Stabilized Pressure Drop
Farr GoldCone 360 hrs 6+ "wg
Ultra-Web® 1000 hrs 4 "wg

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