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Ultra-Web® SB Pleated Bag Filters Help Signage Manufacturer Expand Production

Ultra-Web® SB Pleated bag filters increase collector’s CFM and provide easier filter changeouts.

Industry: Wood Dust

Problem: Manufacturer added equipment to expand its operations and needed to increase the airflow in its dust collection equipment.

Solution: Donaldson® Torit® Ultra-Web® on Spunbond pleated bags inside an existing 36PJD6 baghouse collector along with a new TBI10 fan. This solution allowed the customer to get more airflow in its facility without having to buy a new collector.

After a Midwestern signage company added new machinery to its production operations, it generated an increased amount of wood dust. When the baghouse collector used for this segment of the operation could not keep up with the increased filtration demand, the project engineer at the facility sought out a larger (new or used) collector that could handle the increased airflow the plant required. 

A Donaldson® Torit® sales representative recommended to the project engineer that instead of buying a larger collector, the company should consider retrofitting its existing baghouse with a larger fan and begin using pleated bags, rather than the traditional fabric bags it had been using. The switch to pleated bags would increase the collector’s CFM from 2700 to 3700 (37%), which was more than enough to handle the facility’s increased requirements.

An added bonus for this manufacturer was that the installation of the pleated bags was easier than changing out traditional fabric bags and cages.

All in all, the customer expressed satisfaction with what he viewed as “a successful and inexpensive retrofit.”

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