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International Presence

The company began in a Minnesota metal shop with Frank, his father, W.H.L., and his brother Bob. The three hammered out Frank’s invention. One hundred years later, Donaldson holds over 1,600 active U.S. and international patents, and employees in 44 countries support customers around the world.


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Diverse Products

Donaldson provides customers with solutions that improve peoples’ lives, enhance equipment performance and protect our environment. Our products are found in a wide variety of industries, including agriculture, on- and off-road equipment, power generation, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and defense, food and beverage, transportation, oil and gas and more.



The Innovation of Filtration

For over two decades, Donaldson has been a pioneer in nanofiber technology, manufacturing and testing filter elements using fibers less than a micron in width. In the tightly regulated transportation market, our R&D efforts have produced smaller, lighter and more efficient filters and filtration systems. And our technologies help protect critical applications from the damaging effects of particles, gases and humidity in everything from computers to hearing aids. As equipment and technology advances, Donaldson continues to develop innovative solutions to anticipate and exceed evolving requirements.



Strategic Growth

To remain the industry leader, we continually look for growth opportunities, including markets in Latin America, China, India, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. Recent investments include a $10 million R&D lab expansion at the Bloomington, Minnesota headquarters, enhancing state-of-the-art testing capabilities, and the acquisition of Northern Technical L.L.C., a Middle East manufacturer of gas turbine inlet air filtration systems and replacement filters, located in the world’s largest gas turbine market.


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The Legacy Continues

In 2015, Donaldson turned 100 years old. We appreciate that the first and following decades of success are largely due to the employees who live our values of Integrity, Respect and Commitment. With an unwavering commitment to customer and ongoing innovations in technologies and processes, we have the best team, the best products and the momentum for another legendary century of service.