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Supporting process and
product integrity

Compressed Air & Process Solutions

With our extensive product portfolio, advanced technology, and unrivaled support and expertise, choose Donaldson compressed air and process filtration solutions for maximum protection of your operation and your reputation. Donaldson's premium LifeTec™ filter elements for pre-, fine and sterile filtration offer enhanced technology to optimize your process and product integrity.

Why Choose Donaldson?

Choose Donaldson Compressed Air and Process filtration solutions for maximum protection of your process and product integrity.

Ordering the Right Filters is Easier than Easy

The best distribution support in the industry means thousands of filter elements, housings and spare parts are available online for purchase. Also, cross-reference competitive fit parts with a quick search.

LifeTec™ Filter Technology

Donaldson’s premium filter element line for liquid, air and steam filtration.

Our Liquid Capabilities

For over 35 years, Donaldson Process Filtration has provided quality liquid filtration products to process industries around the world. From pre-filtration to final – and from low capacity to high – when you think purity, think Donaldson.