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Winery Filtration Cycle Improved by 33% with Donaldson Crossflow Filtration Solution


IMEX Filtertechnika is a filter specialist connecting their customers with renowned filter manufactures. In this case, IMEX Filtertechnika worked with the prestigious Hungarian winery – Lővér Pince, Sopron – to find a suitable filtration system that meets requirements set by the European Union and takes their filtration capabilities to the next level.


Lővér Pince had previously found it difficult to find an appropriate filtration solution that was both available by their deadline and able to meet the complex requirements of their operation. The filtration system would be used for both white and red wines and needed to be efficient while preserving the wine’s delicate flavours and aromas.

Following a collaborative consultation effort between Donaldson, IMEX Filtertechnika and Lővér Pince, Donaldson’s Crossflow Filtration System was determined to be the appropriate solution. This system boasted the filtration capabilities to remove impurities and holds the precise filtration processes to ensure consistent, high-quality results for winemakers.

Crossflow Filtration System at Lővér Pince, Sopron, utilizing 6 modules

The Crossflow Filtration System is part of Donaldson’s System Engineered Solution portfolio, this suite of filtration technologies is designed for point-of-use filtration in the Food and Beverage Industry. It utilizes the tangential flow filtration technique, is fully automated, and allows multi-stage filtration. Customers can also select custom-designed vessels tailored for their operation.

This solution’s featured capabilities met and exceeded the expectations of Lővér Pince. Here are just some of the key benefits that made it their optimal solution for their operation.

Key Benefits of Donaldson's Crossflow System for Winery Operators
  • Fewer backwash intervals support time efficiency, energy, and water consumption targets
  • The system is compatible with both Polysulfone and Ceramic membranes
  • Intuitive, user-friendly software for the operator
  • The machine itself has a short regeneration time of 45 minutes, providing both consumption and operating time benefits
  • Uses a 6 kw pump that allows the operator to fill tanks remotely located from the machine
  • The system is compact, allowing the possibility of installing it near essential utilities such as tanks
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Donaldson worked closely with IMEX Filtertechnika to commission the CrossFlow System for the Lővér Pince, Sopron winery. The results exceeded the expectations and marks a significant achievement for the winery industry.

During a cycle of 15 hours across 3 days, the CrossFlow System with 6 modules filtered an impressive 76,583 liters of wine. This total included both White and Rose wine filtered through the system.

Breaking it down further, the Crossflow System can filter approximately 20,000 liters of wine in just 4 hours. Meanwhile, the traditional DE Filter Lővér Pince previously used would typically filter approximately 13,300 liters of wine during the same period. Resulting in the Crossflow System producing a 33% increase of wine filtered over time! Other time-saving benefits were realized with the crossflow system only needing 5 minutes to start filtering once switched on, while the previous system demanded a full hour.

In addition to the productivity increase, the Donaldson Crossflow system provided further benefits to Lővér Pince on an operational and environmental support level.

From an operational standpoint, the fully automated feature of the Donaldson Crossflow System has proven beneficial as it eliminates the need for constant supervision by dedicated personal. They can control and monitor the system remotely – freeing up valuable resources.

Filtered white and rose wine following the first 15 operation hours of Donaldson’s Crossflow Filtration System at Lővér Pince, Sopron.

The system presented some benefits over the prior system the winery had been using that support their efforts to be environmental conscious without compromising on filtration quality. The Donaldson system required fewer backwash intervals so the winery’s energy and water consumption are expected to decrease from their prior system. The Donaldson crossflow solution also doesn’t need to use “diatomaceous earth” that their prior system required.  These features can support the winery’s environmental efforts.

Overall, through Donaldson’s partnership with IMEX Filtertechnika we were able to successfully commission the Crossflow System for Lővér Pince, Sopron. The implementation sets a new standard and promising future of innovation in the winemaking industry.

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