The Donaldson “Membra-Check” is a handy filter integrity test unit for both hydrophilic and hydrophobic membrane filters.
Membra-Check Integrity Tester

In addition to all integrity tests, this unit can be used as a calibration pressure gauge (0 – 6 bar) and is capable of checking unknown volumes (e.g. the upstream volume of a filter housing; 0.1l – 32l). Also, in addition to the integrated software, a GMP/GLP compliant version is available.

A printer is included for on-site testing without a PC connection or as stand alone. 

  • Integrity test of hydrophilic membrane filters
  • Integrity test of hydrophobic membrane filters
  • Hardware and upstream volume measurement
  • Pressure gauge calibration test
  • GMP/GLP compliant version available 

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