Emissions Retrofit

Effective March 30, 2018, Clean Diesel Group LLC will be assuming all product support responsibility – including warranty, service parts, replacements, and technical support – for Donaldson Company Retrofit Emissions Products. Clean Diesel Group’s customer service, plant and technical team will provide on-going warranty and product support for Donaldson Retrofit Emissions Products. The warranty coverage for Donaldson products does not change with this new support arrangement.

Retrofit Emissions Products impacted by this change are: standard diesel retrofit emission control products, including DOC mufflers, DPF mufflers (LNF mufflers, LXF mufflers, SEF muffler systems), DPF Cleaning Systems, data-loggers, and backpressure monitors.

All inquiries after March 30, 2018 should be directed to Clean Diesel Group LLC. More information regarding Clean Diesel Group is available at

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