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Material Handling

Bringing filter performance to new heights.

You can count on our filters to get the job done in today's hardworking booms, loaders, lifts and telehandlers.

Products for Material Handling

Air Intake Filters

Air Intake

On-road or off, you can trust Donaldson air filters to withstand whatever the environment throws their way.

Air Cleaners
Air Intake Overhead

Our air cleaners and air intake systems for light, medium and heavy dust environments.

Donaldson Filters
Standard Air Filters

Today our air filters are setting new standards in filtration quality, coverage and performance – with filters that fit our own air cleaners and those manufactured by others.

Fleetguard® OptiAir™ Air Cleaners
Donaldson OptiAir Replacement Air Filters

Replacement filters for Fleetguard OptiAir™ Air Cleaners use high-efficiency media, vibration-resistant RadialSeal™ design and rigid structural support to deliver superior performance and proven protection.

Filter Bulk Manifold

Bulk Fluids

Remove the dirt from fuel and lubricants – achieve more

Diesel and Lube Filters
Clean Solutions Filter Family

Donaldson Clean Solutions filters provide unsurpassed cleanliness in a single pass and are perfect for inlet and outlet filtration applications. Heavy duty spin-on design enable fast, simple and clean servicing without specialized tools.

Diesel Kits
Clean and Dry Diesel Filter Kit with Box

Clean diesel kits provide simple, effective outlet filtration on low volume fuel dispensers to allow you to pump clean fuel into your vehicles and equipment.

Fuel Filter Family


We offer fuel filtration products that protect your injectors, pumps and engines. It's simply a better way to filter fuel.

Cummins® QSK Engines
Donaldson Blue Fuel Filter DBF5782

Donaldson Blue™ filters for Cummins® QSK engines deliver the cleanest fuel – period.

Stanadyne® FM100 Fuel System
Stanadyne Fuel Filter

Out with the old, in with the new. Donaldson filters for Stanadyne® Fuel Manager® FM100 fuel systems provide complete coverage with fewer part numbers.

Racor® Fuel Systems
Racor Fuel Filters

Donaldson give you the most options – choose Twist&Drain™ or OEM style filters and bowls.

Hydraulic Product Shots


We have the right filters, contamination control products and capabilities to protect machinery and components in hundreds of applications – in the factory and on heavy-duty equipment. When you need hydraulic filtration, turn to Donaldson.

Donaldson Filters
Hydraulic Product Shots

We offer a complete line of hydraulic filter heads and housings for low, medium, and high pressure applications. Spin-ons and cartridges are available in a wide range of filter medias.

Lube Filters


Donaldson lube filters keep oil clean by capturing contaminants that can cause engine damage.

Donaldson Filters
Engine Liquid Filters

Donaldson's standard diesel oil filters keep lube systems functioning at peak performance while meeting the high standards of today's heavy-duty diesel engines.

Donaldson Blue®
Donaldson Blue Fuel Filters Family

Our premium lube filters are designed for heavy-duty truck and diesel engine extended maintenance programs.

Shot by Howard Lampert August 2004


Our filters help keep your transmissions and equipment operating at peak performance.

Shot by Howard Lampert August 2004

We offer a broad range of filters to fit virtually any transmission or power steering application. Our filters help keep your transmissions and equipment operating at peak performance.

We deliver quality air, fuel, oil and hydraulic filters that provide maximum protection and productivity.

  • Cranes
  • Booms
  • Lifts
  • Fork Trucks
  • Telehandlers
  • Work Platforms
  • And More...