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Filter Minder® Indicators & Switches

Filter Minder® Products are the most trusted line of service indicators and switches available. They help you maximize equipment efficiency, uptime and performance.
Filter Minder® indicators, gauges, switches and sensors are now available through thousands of Donaldson distributors around the world.


Today’s vehicle monitoring systems help equipment fleets work more efficiently and meet increasingly tighter production schedules. The information provided by Filter Minder indicators allows maintenance managers to systematically plan filter changes and be aware of acute changes in restriction, helping their equipment operate more effectively and efficiently.

Filter Minder® offers the broadest and most comprehensive portfolio of air-intake monitoring technologies featuring multiple indicator types, mounting configurations and fitting styles.


  • Graduated Indicators – with gauges that show as filters are nearing restriction limits, graduated indicators help you maximize filter life and effectively schedule service intervals.
  • Single Position Indicators – simple indicator that lets you know when its time to service your air filter.


  • Visual Indicator + Switch – unique Filter Minder system provides both visual and electrical monitoring.
  • Switch Only – electrical monitoring signal sent to a remote "time to service filter" light located in the equipment cab.

    Sensors + LED Displays 

  • Provides electronic restriction monitoring with a continuous signal sent to a remote, in-cab device for display.
  • Equipment operators get continuous feedback on restriction, offering maximum flexibility to monitor equipment needs.


  • Round, sealed and square LED displays
  • Flying leads for AMP low-pressure sensors or Packard switches
  • EPDM hoses in 
    • .91 m / 3 ft in length
    • 3.05 m / 10 ft in length
    • 6.10 m / 20 ft in length
  • Brass fitting – 1/8-27 NPT x 3/8 UNF with filter and orifice 
  • Remote mount bracket
  • Male hose barb – 1/8-27 NPT male-to-hose barb with filter

A wide array of accessories are also available, including various LED displays, wire harness adapters, mounting brackets, caps, electrical connectors and grommets.


Heavy equipment manufacturers, maintenance managers, fleet managers and owner operators now have greater access to the latest technology in filtration monitoring. Filter Minder products connect to air intake and fuel filtration systems, keeping tabs on filtration performance and life by communicating filter status visually, electronically and remotely.


Filter Minder products are the gold-standard for air intake indicators, switches and sensors. They provide optimal performance and value. They're the name trusted most by both on- and off-road Original Equipment Manufacturers around the world. They're rugged, dependable and built to perform. When combined with Donaldson Informer™, Mini-Informer™, ServiSignal™ Mini and SafetySignal™ – they make up the broadest range of indicators and switches available in the industry. And they're all now available through Donaldson distributors around the world.