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Mann+Hummel® Europiclon® Air Cleaners

Replacement filters for Mann+Hummel® Europiclon® Air Cleaners use high-efficiency media, vibration-resistant RadialSeal™ design and rigid structural support to deliver superior performance and proven protection.


  • Mann+Hummel® Europiclon® Air Cleaners are used in both on- and off-road applications


  • Built to perform
  • Provides effective engine protection 


  • Vibration resistant design delivers sure sealing under the most severe-duty conditions
  • RadialSeal™ design creates a reliable, vibration-resistant interface between the air cleaner and the filter
  • Rigid structural support protect filters from damage or collapse in humid conditions or heavy vibration applications
  • High-efficiency cellulose media designed to perform across a wide range of heavy-duty diesel engine applications

Mann+Hummel® and Europiclon® are registered trademarks of Mann+Hummel®