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Diesel Kits

Donaldson Clean Diesel Kits are the answer to your fuel cleanliness worries. You can’t always control the cleanliness of diesel fuel delivered to you, but you can control how clean it is when you pump it into your vehicles and equipment. Donaldson Clean Diesel Kits are easy to install on any fuel dispenser and come with everything needed to filter out even the finest contaminants before they enter your equipment’s fuel system.


  • Diesel fuel dispensers
  • Mobile service trucks
  • Slip tanks


  • Protect expensive fuel injection systems
  • Prevent premature plugging of onboard fuel filters
  • Reduce maintenance costs 
  • Prevent unplanned downtime


  • Easy to install
  • Provides filtration to ISO 14/13/11 diesel cleanliness in a single pass 
  • Recommended for all diesel and biodiesel blends 
  • Kits available to handle flow rates from 122 lpm / 32 gpm to 473 lpm / 125 gpm
Service Filter In Seconds

1.    Loosen and remove used or clogged filter

2.    Line up threads on new filter

3.    Spin on and hand-tighten