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DEF Filters

The Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Filter offers a convenient, effective way to deliver clean DEF into your equipment.  If DEF is not filtered, urea crystals and other contaminants picked up during storage and handling can cause malfunction of the SCR system.The Donaldson Clean DEF Filter removes harmful particulate, preventing plugged dosing valves and enabling the SCR to do the important job of reducing harmful NOx emissions.


  • DEF dispensers up to 38 lpm / 10 gpm


  • Stops dirt before it reaches the on-board DEF filter
  • Extends the life of the on-board DEF filter
  • Ensures proper function of the SCR system
  • Helps prevent vehicle or equipment power reduction


  • Beta 5000 efficiency at 1 micron
  • 316 stainless steel housing
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Maximum working pressure of 20.7 bar / 300 psi
  • Leak-free o-ring seal
  • Integrated gauge/sample ports
  1. Change filter element when flow slows to an unacceptable level

  2. Before servicing, ensure the filter has been depressurized and isolated

  3. Use included wrench to loosen ring-nut. Remove ring-nut and bowl 

  4. Inspect housing gasket and replace if damaged. Apply a thin layer of silicone based grease to the gasket before assembly

  5. Re-pressurize the system slowly while checking for leaks

  6. During startup or after filter changes, slowly dispense fluid until all the air is purged from the system