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Remote Filter Monitoring System

Donaldson WaveLength™ monitors your bulk fuel filtration systems so you always know when it's time to change your filters, even when you're miles away or when fueling occurs at all hours of the day or night. It is an entirely new way to monitor remote filtration systems to save you time and money. By combining the latest in telematics and cloud technology with Donaldson's industry-leading understanding of fuel filters — it's a cost effective way to give you the one thing you need most to avoid critical and costly downtime: REAL TIME INFORMATION.


  • Bulk fuel filtration systems that are critical to your operation's success


  • Takes the guess work out of your maintenance planning
  • Helps prevent unexpected downtime
  • Allows you to focus on your operations


  • Proactively sends email or texts alerts when preset pressure drop levels are reached
  • Allows access to filtration performance any time, any place
  • Shows data from multiple filtration systems at once
  • Provides a map of filtration system locations with pressure drops
  • Provides timely reports
  • Gives you full data history to help with overall operational analysis
  • Certified Class I, Division 2 (CID2) for safe use in potentially hazardous environments, such as oil field drilling, pump and fuel stations, and chemical plants

Start by installing Donaldson WaveLength™ on bulk fuel filtration systems that are critical to your operation's success. The device sends real-time information to the WaveLength Intelligence Platform, which relays the data about your filtration system to your computer, tablet or cell phone -- any device with an internet connection.

Text messages and email alerts are sent to you based on alert levels set to your specific system requirements to provide advance notice of when your filters require servicing. Finally, web-based software displays the system pressure drop and displays alarms so you can optimize your filter service practices to keep running and ACHIEVE MORE.

We offer full turn-key installation services, or if you prefer, you can install Donaldson WaveLength™ using one of our mounting kits. Each kit is designed to allow for quick, easy plumbing into the filtration system and includes mounting hardware. All are designed so that no cutting, tapping or welding is required. Simply select a mounting kit based on your filtration system and add the monitor assembly, which includes everything you need to get started.

Note: This system is not to be used in hazardous locations. If the area in which Donaldson WaveLength is to be installed is classified as hazardous, do not install and contact Donaldson Company.