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SealClamp™ exhaust clamps are easy to install for sealing muffler inlets, outlets, elbow joints, flex pipes and other system connections. Available in two styles - stepped preformed and flat - they minimize noise and exhaust gas leaks.


  • Muffler inlets and outlets
  • Elbow joints
  • Flex pipes


  • Minimizes noise and exhaust gas leaks
  • When installed, the wide band conforms to shape of straight or flex pipe, seals without distorting pipe


  • Easy to install - no welding needed
  • Fewer parts to assemble
  • Lighter weight
  • Improved joint seal
  • Preformed and flat styles available
  • Available in stainless finish for all sizes – aluminized finish for some sizes

Stepped SealClamp™

Unique design with fully assembled hardware!

  • Position the SealClamp over the smallest tube. Larger end of the clamp must be on the overlapping tube or flex
  • Locate the step of the clamp to the overlapping tube at the joint
  • Using the v-groove as a visual guide, alternately tighten bolts until the groove is approximately half closed (~50 ft. lbs). Do not exceed 70 ft. lbs torque as clamp damage may occur.

Flat Band SealClamp™

  • Position 1/3 to 1/2 way onto the larger diameter tube or to completely cover slots
  • Assemble bolts between clamp bolts and tubes
  • For all models, tighten by alternating the wrench between fasteners several times to uniformly take up the slack, beginning with the large diameter side of the connection. Tighten the nuts for stainless clamps as illustrated. Tighten alternately until the gasket is fully compressed and the mating bars’ surfaces are fully touching. The grade 8 bolts and nuts are rated to 100 ft. lbs. of torque. For best results use an impact wrench.

Important Application Notes (Flat Band)

  • Use either 14 mm / 9/16 inch hex wrench
  • Grease the clamps and the joint area before installing
  • Do not use for exhaust system mounting support
  • Do not use for exhaust manifold or turbocharger connections
  • Do not reuse the clamps
  • Do not use as a butt joint clamp–use for overlap connections only