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Lube Oil Analysis

Oil analysis summarizes the condition of your oil and identifies component wear/contamination. It typically includes evaluating the results of tests and providing detailed reports, including maintenance recommendations. It's a fast and highly accurate way to assess what's going on inside your engines. Equipment owners use the data and recommendations to improve preventative maintenance, reduce equipment downtime and reduce costs by extending oil drain intervals.

Sample Processing / Reporting

We use an independent laboratory for analysis of oils representing a wide range of systems and applications. The lab will request that you send your oil sample(s) as soon as possible after collecting. The oil samples do not “break down,” but any long delay between sampling and analysis can be crucial if a unit is failing. Once the oil sample reaches the lab, it will be processed within 24 hours. You will be notified if critical conditions are present.

Features of the Report

  • Up to 6 sets of test results (current and 5 previous) are displayed 
  • Spectrochemical and physical results underlined where applicable 
  • Full headings for all results


  • For fleets and off-road vehicles and equipment

Why Sample Oils?

  • Improve preventive maintenance
  • Minimize downtime by identifying minor problems before they become major failures
  • Reduce overall cost of lubricants
  • Safely extend drain intervals
  • Identify opportunities for optimizing filtration performance
  • Maximize asset reliability
  • Extend equipment life

Recommended Sampling Intervals

  • On-Road Engines
    • Diesel                16,093 km / 10,000 miles/oil change
    • Gasoline            4,828 km / 3,000 miles/oil change
    • LPG                   4,828 km / 3,000 miles/oil change
    • Non-Engines     32,187 km / 20,000 miles/500 hours
  • Off-Road Engines
    • Diesel                250 hours/oil change
    • Gasoline            150 hours/oil change
    • LPG                   150 hours/oil change
    • Non-Engines      500 hours/oil change

Donaldson Engine Oil Analysis Program

Donaldson recommends oil analysis as a fast and highly accurate way to assess what's in your engine's oil. This module reviews why a preventative maintenance program is important, how the analysis works, and how to read the lab report.