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Liquid Spin-On Filters: General Service and Installation Tips

When installing and servicing your liquid spin-on filters, follow these general rules of thumb:

  • Do not over-tighten
  • Do not use tools or filter wrenches to install filters – this may cause damage to the filter, resulting in poor filter performance or leaks
  • Do not use grease to lubricate the gasket
  • Check and inspect the condition and security of the threaded spigot
  • Dispose of any used oil or fuel filters in a safe and proper manner in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations
Watch out for Old Gaskets

When changing any filter that has a gasket, use caution as old gaskets may stick!

  • Remove used gaskets and clean the sealing area thoroughly
  • Always install a new gasket when changing filter
Storage and Handling of Filters On-Site

Always store filters in their original packaging and cartons in a cool, dry, contamination-free environment.

  • Handle filters with care to prevent filter damage
  • If a product box has layers of contaminant, be careful so that the contaminant does not get on the new filter as you remove it from the box
  • Practice ‘first-in, first-out’ with your inventory. When possible, always use the oldest inventory first.
  • Check the condition of the element prior to fitting. Check the exterior of filter for signs of damage, and check the inside of the filter element for visible contamination. 
Do Not Use Dented or Damaged Filters

Filters that are dented prior to or during installation should not be used. Filters damaged while in service should be replaced immediately.

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