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New Wireless Filter Minder® Helps Manage Filter Maintenance

New Technology Uses Equipment's Existing Telematics System

Device installs in minutes and prompts timely filter changes

MINNEAPOLIS (March 18, 2019) – Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE: DCI), a global leader in engine filtration, has introduced Filter Minder® connected technology for monitoring engine air filters, using the equipment's own telematics system. Filter Minder wireless sensors and receivers send filter performance data to the cloud, and predictive analytics inform the fleet manager when filters are approaching the end of their optimal life.

Filter Minder on a PowerCore® PSD air cleaner

With no upfront hardware costs, easy installation and a low monthly subscription fee, Filter Minder connected technology can produce more cost-effective use of equipment by prompting filter changes based on filter condition, rather than scheduled maintenance intervals. The system also helps ensure that fleet managers have the right filters in inventory when maintenance is due.

"Filter service performed too early is inefficient and service performed too late can damage equipment, cause unplanned downtime and raise operating costs," said Nate Zambon, director of the Donaldson Filter Minder product line. "Maintaining the filtration system at the optimal time best protects the engine and drives down total cost of ownership."

The Filter Minder monitoring system integrates with existing fleet management technology, making it simple to install and use. Comparable devices are bulkier, require wired hardware installations and may need a dedicated cellular network.

"Our Filter Minder connected technology is practical, compact, and makes fleet management easier while improving the cost of owning and operating a wide range of on- and off-road equipment."

- Al Hovda, General Manager, Donaldson Engine Air Systems

Filter Minder technology provides:
  • Wireless, simple installation in just minutes per vehicle;

  • No upfront hardware costs and low monthly subscription fees;

  • Patented low-energy sensors that help conserve power and extend battery life;

  • Filtration insights for an entire fleet of equipment with customizable alerts by text, phone, email or dashboard; and

  • A scalable platform that can expand to monitor fuel, lube and hydraulics filters, with additional applications coming soon.

"When we acquired the maker of Filter Minder technology in 2015, Donaldson had a vision of combining our global leadership in engine filtration and filtration monitoring to develop a new generation of solutions," said Hovda.

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