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Polaris Chooses Donaldson FPG Air Cleaners for its New MRZR Alpha Light Tactical Vehicle

Donaldson FPG Air Cleaners will be installed on the new Polaris MRZR Alpha Light Tactical Vehicle.

MINNEAPOLIS – October 6, 2020 – Donaldson Aerospace & Defense, a division of Donaldson Company, Inc., announces Polaris Government and Defense, a division of Polaris Inc., has chosen its two-stage FPG engine air cleaner for installation on all of Polaris’ new MRZR Alpha Light Tactical Vehicles.

The MRZR Alpha was developed for U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) in response to the call for a Light Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle (LTATV) that can be transported in the V-22 while meeting a variety of tactical mission requirements with powerful off-road capability. Polaris won the government bid to supply LTATVs earlier this year.

Polaris chose the Donaldson FPG Air Cleaner for the MRZR Alpha for its compact, superior two-stage system designed for light road and off-road vehicles operating in medium to heavy dust conditions. Made of molded lightweight, high-strength plastic, the air cleaner removes 99.9% of dust and dirt particulates in incoming engine air through two stages, a pre-filter and main filter. Small, durable, and corrosion-free, the FPG also features RadialSeal™ sealing technology that creates a reliable, critical seal while also making servicing easy.

Additionally, Polaris chose to pair the FPG engine air cleaner with a complete Donaldson filtration monitoring system. FilterMinder service indicators, sensors, and switches allow operators to maximize uptime, efficiency, and performance by monitoring filter life in real time, either visually or wirelessly, to ensure filter changes happen exactly when needed, saving time and money while avoiding costly surprises.

“Polaris is a long-time customer, having chosen our filters for past military vehicles including the MRZR Diesel and DAGOR. When they needed an engine air filter for the new MRZR Alpha, they knew they could count on Donaldson."

Lisa Evans, Director of Defense, Donaldson Aerospace and Defense

“The MRZR Alpha called for a light, compact, rugged air cleaning solution that ensured the vehicle met rigorous mission requirements, including a seven-plus-year lifecycle and superior engine cleaning capabilities in a variety of environments and conditions.”

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