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Helping keep turbines
running all over the world

Donaldson is a leading supplier of engineered air intake systems for gas turbines and industrial compressors, for both new and retrofit applications.

Our comprehensive technical capabilities,  unrivaled operations and maintenance support, and extensive global network help optimize system performance and reduce total cost of ownership in ways no other supplier can match. 

Our wide breadth of first-fit and aftermarket products and services provide the convenience of a single supplier and one contact for service and trouble-shooting.

Comprehensive Technical Capabilities

Donaldson has in-house engineering expertise and is constantly investing in research and development to improve system designs and filtration technologies. The result is an ever-expanding line of filtration solutions that perform in any application or operating environment.

Unrivaled Operations and Maintenance Support

With application expertise and the ability to solve your unique challenges, we provide support throughout the product life-cycle with an extensive offering of products and services.

Local Support on a Global Scale

With over 14,000 employees in 140 locations throughout the world, Donaldson operates globally to deliver customized solutions and localized support where you need it, when you need it.

Three Pillars of Gas Turbine Filtration

Filtration needs are largely driven by local air quality, but nearly every operator needs to evaluate three performance factors: efficiency, watertightness, and, in pulse-cleanable applications, pulse recovery rate.

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