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LP Series

The Donaldson Torit® LP Baghouse dust collector provides superior bag filter cleaning performance in a reverse air design. This unique system design reduces your maintenance cost and downtime.

The LP advantage has a cleaning arm with a flow-stop plate that keeps air from flowing through the bag filters before and after cleaning. Dust from cleaned bag filters cannot be re-entrained onto adjacent bags, resulting in lower pressure drop and reduced energy costs. Combine this with Dura-Life™ “Twice the Life” bag filters as standard and this LP Baghouse is better than any other reverse air collector on the market today.​​

LP Baghouse Dust Collector

The LP Baghouse dust collector offers:

  • ​Flow-stop plate cleaning arm reduces dust re-entrainment
  • Integrated helix in hopper reduces dust loading on bag filters
  • Single inlet, outlet and hopper reduces ducting and hopper outlet costs
  • ​LP cleaning provides a constant process airflow and fewer moving parts, which reduces maintenance and disruptions to system airflow
  • LP cleaning system requires no compressed air
  • Optional live bottom hopper grinds dusts to prevent bridging in hopper
  • ​Award winning Dura-Life “Twice the Life” bag filters

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Collector Design Standard Optional
Clean-Side Bag Removal  
Walk-In Clean Air Plenum  
10-Gauge Carbon Steel Construction  
Heavy-Duty 7 Gauge Plate Tubesheet  
Rated 431.8 mm / 17 in. Water Gauge  
Internal Sweep Arm Cleaning Mechanism  
Explosion-Proof Reverse Air Fan & Motor*  
Aluminum Fan Wheel  
Flanged Inlet, Outlet & Body  
Easy-Lift Lifting Ears  
Tangential Inlet  
Service Platform & Ladder & Ladder Cages  
Stainless Steel Construction  


Bags and Cages Standard Optional
Dura-Life Twice the Life Felt Snap-In Bag Filters  
Galvanized Snap-In Bag Cage  
Variety of Filter Bag Media Options  


Paint System Standard Optional
Prime Coated Interior  
Textured Multi-Coat Paint Finish with 2,000-Hour Salt Spray Performance  
Standard Colors: Torit Blue or Storm White  
Custom Colors  


Hopper Design Standard Optional
Live Bottom Hopper  
60° Hoppers  
Flanged Hopper Discharge (per specification)  
Hopper Access Panel  
Coupling for High Level Indicator  
Lexan View Port  
High Level Indicator  


Support Structure Standard Optional
914.4 mm / 36 in. Clearance Leg Pack  
Custom Clearance Leg Packs  


Electrical Controls, Gauges, and Enclosures Standard Optional
Magnehelic** Gauge  
Photohelic** Gauge  
Photohelic Gauge (Weatherproof)  


Safety Features Standard Optional
Sprinkler Kit Assembly  
Explosion Vents  
Interior Light for Walk-In Plenum  


Warranty Standard Optional
10-Year Warranty  
*All 60 Hz motors 1 HP and above are compliant with EISA.
**Magnehelic and Photohelic are registered trademarks of Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

Q. How Are Dura-Life Bags Different from Standard Polyester Bags?

A. Dura-Life bags are made from polyester material that is created through a hydro-entanglement process instead of a needle punch process. The hydro-entanglement process creates a more consistent and uniform filter material. The material is comparable in thickness to standard polyester, but weighs about 1/3 less. The fibers are smaller and the hydro-entanglement process creates a loftier and lighter weight fabric that filters more effectively.

Dura-Life Bag Filters

A cost-effective, high performance alternative.

Snap Band Bag Filter Installation

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