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Trunk 2000 (T-2000)

The Trunk 2000 is designed to handle one or two welding stations using flexible Ex-Arms. Ceiling-mount configuration saves valuable plant floor space and provides optimum range of the Ex-Arms.
  • FLUENT* designed inlet and dust hopper minimizes fume re-entrainment and reduce maintenance expense
  • Automatic pulse-cleaning system for continuous welding operations
  • Proprietary filter cleaning system lengthens filter life
  • Ultra-Web® FR filter cartridges featuring fine fiber technology provide high filtration efficiency and long filter life
  • MERV** 15 filtration efficiency rating per ASHRAE 52.2-2007
  • Recirculation of clean air reduces need for costly make-up air

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*FLUENT is a registered trademark of Fluent, Inc. 
**The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of this filter cartridge has been determined through independent laboratory testing using ASHRAE 52.2 (2007) test standards. The MERV rating was determined at a face velocity of 36 meters per minute / 118 feet per minute and loading up to 101.6 mm / 4 in. water gauge. Actual efficiency of any filter cartridge will vary according to the specific application parameters. Dust concentration, airflow, particle characteristics, and pulse cleaning methods all affect filtration efficiency.

Donaldson Torit Industrial Air Filtration - Exactly What You Need for Dust, Fume and Mist Collection

Donaldson Torit's broad range of collectors and filters gives the customers interviewed in this video exactly what they need for dust, fume and mist collection. Donaldson Torit products' reliability and innovative technology can significantly reduce emissions, maintenance costs, and energy costs in manufacturing facilities.