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Donaldson Torit® supplies reliable dust collection and combustible dust mitigation solutions to fit a variety of grain processing applications.

Products for Agriculture 
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Food & Beverage

Our wide variety of dust collectors can be applied in the food processing industry customized to meet the specific needs for each type of food product.

Products for Food & Beverage 
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Industrial Processing

Our dust collection equipment and replacement filters help increase manufacturing efficiencies and provides a cleaner environment for employees.

Products for Industrial Processing 
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Metal & Machining

We offer dust collection equipment and filters that will handle dust from grinding, buffing and polishing applications in the metalworking industry.

Products for Metal Fabrication & Machining 
Loading of iron ore on very big dump-body truck

Mining & Mineral Processing

We have years of experience in helping mines and quarries control the abrasive and hazardous dusts produced by mining and mineral processing.

Products for Mining & Mineral 
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Proper dust collection can be a safety barrier between a worker and noxious dusts. We understand dust collection and containment of these dusts.

Products for Pharmaceuticals 
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Waste & Recycling

Donaldson offers the waste handling industry efficient and innovative filtration solutions that meet the needs of performance, effectiveness and safety.

Products for Waste & Recycling