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Donaldson Boosts Technology & Customer Value of iCue™ Remote Monitoring Service

MINNEAPOLIS (March 26, 2021) — Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE: DCI), a leading worldwide manufacturer of filtration systems and solutions, today announced new monitoring capabilities and user experience updates to the Donaldson iCue™ connected filtration service, which monitors industrial dust collectors in real-time to help facility teams improve dust collection maintenance and management.

“The iCue™ Monitoring Service aims to ensure optimal dust collector performance at the lowest potential operational cost. We continue to invest in the iCue™ Service offering as market adoption and needs expand. The reaction from our customers has been very positive.”

Wade Wessels, Director, Donaldson Company Connected Solutions

The iCue™ Remote filtration monitoring service now allows customers to improve compliance tracking and validation with its new Particulate Monitoring Sensor. Helping environmental, health, and safety teams meet compliance, this new sensor continuously detects the amount of particulate material (PM) in the outlet stack of plant dust collectors, sending alarms if particulate levels rise above defined parameters. Maintenance teams can then act quickly to inspect if filters are damaged, installed improperly, or resolve other equipment issues leading to increased or potentially unsafe particulate levels.

Ensuring filter life and reducing operating costs is now easier as well with iCue™ remote monitoring. The iCue™ Service now tracks the filter cleaning system in pulse-jet dust collectors and detects if one or more of the pulse jets valves are malfunctioning.  If undetected, these malfunctions can greatly reduce filter life, waste compressed air, and increase energy consumption. Tracking and managing these proactively with the iCue™ Filtration Monitoring Service allows the maintenance team to save time, increase filter life, and reduce compressed air and electricity waste.

Easily sharing data with maintenance partners is now possible with recent updates to the iCue™ Monitoring Service as well. Donaldson has added an exciting new “Partner View” feature allowing customers to grant Donaldson’s network of certified dealers and service centers, or other service providers, access to their iCue™ service dashboard. Giving third-party maintenance staff the ability to monitor real-time performance data and more quickly respond to maintenance alerts.

Finally, the Donaldson iCue™ monitoring service is now applicable with dust collectors that operate using positive air pressure in addition to existing negative air pressure systems, further extending the applications where iCue Service can be deployed across the factory.

“Improving iCue™ Service has always been customer-driven and we’re pleased to offer these enhancements based on their requests and needs”, says Brent Nelson, Business Development and Product Manager of Donaldson Connected Services. 

The compact iCue™ gateway and wireless connection are simple to install, require no IT integration with an internal automation network, and are compatible with nearly all major dust collector brands. An annual subscription includes hardware, automated reports, real-time maintenance alerts, and a web-based dashboard with real-time and historical data.

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