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Modern Slavery Act


Donaldson Company, Inc. and its global subsidiaries and affiliates (“Donaldson”) strongly oppose the use of child, slave and forced labor, and participation in human trafficking by any person or organization, including its suppliers. As a global company, Donaldson is committed to compliance with applicable laws, including California’s Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 and the UK Modern Slavery Act.

Donaldson’s Code of Conduct (Code) sets forth our commitment to applying uniformly high standards of ethics and business conduct in every country in which we operate and in every business relationship we have worldwide. We are principally guided in this global economy by the laws of the countries in which we are located or do business. This Code is applicable to our global business activities and includes all employees, Officers, and Directors of Donaldson Company, its business units, affiliates, and subsidiaries, where Donaldson has a majority ownership position or exercises management control. All employees are required to promptly report all known or suspected violations of applicable laws, as well as our Code. Donaldson conducts annual Code training for employees and provides multiple ways for employees to ask for help regarding ethical concerns. Donaldson also maintains a Help Line where employees and others may anonymously report any suspected violation of the Code without fear of retaliation.

In keeping with applicable law and the commitments in our Code, we engage in various verification mechanisms of product supply chains to evaluate and address risks of human trafficking and maintain accompanying internal accountability standards. For example, our Supply agreements and purchase terms require our direct suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and Donaldson’s Supplier Code of Conduct. Our direct suppliers are also required to operate legally and ethically pursuant to the Supplier Code of Conduct. We do not currently require that all suppliers separately certify compliance to that Supplier Code of Conduct and we do not currently require specific audits, but suppliers are expected to maintain compliance with applicable law and the Supplier Code of Conduct that prohibits, by way of example, forced labor, child labor, and human trafficking. Donaldson’s supply chain management approach drives longer-term relationships and continuous improvements. In the event that we identify a reasonable risk that a supplier fails to meet our expectations, we explore all responses we deem reasonable and necessary, including working with that supplier to ensure compliance and reevaluating our business relationships if that supplier fails to address these concerns.

Approved on behalf of the Board of Directors of Donaldson UK Holding Limited.

Wim Vermeersch

VP, Europe, Middle East and Africa