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Donaldson Releases Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Donaldson Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report includes the company’s environmental, social and governance information and progress for the past fiscal year.

Excerpt of Letter From Donaldson Chairman, President & CEO, Tod Carpenter

"Founded in 1915, Donaldson Company has become a recognized leader in the global filtration industry. We provide technology-led filtration solutions and customer-centric service, and are deeply committed to our employees, integrity in our actions and relationships, and giving back to the communities where we live and work.

I believe that our century of success is due, in part, to Donaldson Company’s continuous innovation and improvement efforts—identifying opportunities, increasing efficiencies and reducing waste – and these are ingrained in our culture and embraced across the world.

Environmental, social and governance matters are an important part of these efforts. At Donaldson, we believe in doing the right thing in our business and community, and we continue to investigate and invest in opportunities to improve our sustainability efforts. That is why, in fiscal year 2018—after two years of planning and building measurable and sustainable frameworks—we began implementing several well-defined Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) processes, including the publication of our first Corporate Social Responsibility Report."

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