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Donaldson Improves Selection Method for Gas Turbine Filters

New Rating System Promotes Cost-Efficient Filtration for Specific Climates and Conditions

MINNEAPOLIS (December 3, 2018) – Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE: DCI), a leading worldwide manufacturer of filtration systems and parts, has introduced an easier way for gas turbine system operators to select replacement air filters, developing laboratory tests to quantify watertightness and pulse recovery rate, a first for the industry.

Historically, efficiency has been the standard for gas turbine inlet air filter selection and ratings, but with the abundance of industry ratings, the selection process itself can be confusing. Donaldson employs a unique 0-5 point rating scale for efficiency (Er), watertightness (W) and pulse recovery rate (P) for each of its Turbo-Tek™ Cartridge Filters. These three attributes help select the appropriate filter for the operating condition.

"Filters are designed for specific operating needs and putting the right ones in place helps generate more power at a lower cost," said Michael Roesner, Aftermarket Manager for Donaldson Gas Turbine Systems. "If a plant’s operations or environment changes, or they simply want better replacement filters for the job, our Er|W|P ratings can help match filters to unique conditions."

Each filter in Donaldson’s Turbo-Tek line receives an Er|W|P rating—for example, Er4|W5|P1—published in its technical data sheet to indicate relative performance on:

  • Filter efficiency: percent of particulates captured from incoming air;

  • Watertightness: resistance to water ingress, which can carry damaging dissolved contaminants; and

  • Pulse recovery rate: how readily peak performance returns after pulse cleaning a dust load.
"Our rating system allows a straight-forward and comprehensive evaluation before a purchase is made and can add up to more power generated in a cost-effective manner."

- Michael Roesner, Aftermarket Manager, Donaldson Gas Turbine Systems

"These three key characteristics typically do not stand alone, but require an integrated approach," said Roesner. "The ideal balance factors in potential downtime costs and return on investment (ROI)." 

An industry leader with a history of using innovation and technology-leading solutions, Donaldson developed its Er|W|P ratings based on input from its customers, and decades of experience serving gas turbine operators in all climates and conditions.

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