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Donaldson Awarded With Patent 9,089,807 by USPTO

Patent Awarded for Filter Arrangement; Sealing System and Methods

Alexandria, July 29 -- Donaldson Company Inc was granted a patent for filter arrangement; sealing system and methods. Steven Gieseke and Carolyn Finnerty developed the invention.

The abstract released by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states, "A filter pack includes a filter construction and a sealing system for sealing the construction within a duct or housing. The filter construction has first and second opposite flow faces and is configured for a straight-through flow. The sealing system includes a frame construction and a compressible seal member. The compressible seal member is molded around a portion of the frame construction. The compressible seal member is sufficiently compressible to form a radial seal between and against the frame construction and a surface of a housing when the filter pack is inserted within the housing."