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Screw Vents

Donaldson Screw Vents provide protection from particles, water, oils, and liquids while allowing pressure and temperature equalization of enclosures. This durable, threaded vent is easily integrated into existing equipment and can be used in a variety of applications including sensors, protective cases, lighting enclosures, appliances and general enclosures where protective venting is required.

Screw Vents extend the life of the enclosure and improve reliability because they:

  • Prevent the passage of harmful particles and liquids into the device.
  • Allow for constant pressure equalization during altitude and temperature fluctuations.


  • Sensors 
  • Protective cases
  • Lighting enclosures 
  • General enclosures
  • Appliances
  • Arena & events lighting
  • Industrial lighting
  • Electrical and communication junction boxes/outdoor enclosures
  • ASTM B117-09: Salt Spray Resistance - 100 hours spray at elevated temperature and pressure
  • ASTM G155-05: UV resistance - 10 days extreme exposure
  • IEC 60068-2-78: High Temperature and RH - 10 days exposure
  • ASTM E96-10: Water Vapor Transmission Rate - Desiccant method
  • Temperature resistance: 48 hours at -45° C / -49° F and 48 hours at 80° C / 176° F
  • DIN40050.9-1993: Water Submersion and Dust Resistant - IP67 Rated
  • IEC 60068-2-10: Antimicrobial activity grade 2b
  • UL 94: Flammability of Plastic Housing – V-0 Rated
  • Clean mounting surface and area where screw vent will be installed to remove any contamination. Allow surface to dry after cleaning.
  • Ideal location for installation is on a flat, vertical surface on an exterior housing wall. This location will prevent any liquids from collecting.
  • Insert the screw vent into the housing with the threads aligned properly and screw into the housing.
  • After ensuring that the vent is threaded properly, tighten the vent to 0.6 - 1.0 Nm / 5 -10 in-lb.
  • Optional hex nut (P514906) is available for M12x1.5 screw vents.
  • Chamfer is recommended for optimal O-Ring seal when wall thickness is suitable.