Donaldson Expands Dual-Stage Battery Vent Offering with New Flex Resealable Vent

New vent meets electric vehicle requirements for battery pack exhaust at lower pressures

MINNEAPOLIS (May 19, 2021) — Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE:DCI), a leading worldwide manufacturer of innovative filtration products and solutions, has expanded its dual-stage battery pack vent line with the addition of the Dual-Stage Flex battery vent. The new battery vent enables pressure relief of automotive battery packs at lower pressures, helping support the life and reliability of electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

Battery packs are the heaviest and most expensive EV component. As the industry evolves, so has the need to lower the weight of the battery pack, which can be reduced with thinner battery pack walls. However, these thinner walls can’t withstand higher pressures within the battery pack. The new Dual-Stage Flex battery vent was developed to address this low-pressure requirement.

Donaldson’s Dual-Stage Flex battery vent contains a one-way umbrella valve that allows for quick exhaust if pressures within the battery pack increase. The low opening pressure means the internal pressure can quickly release through a flexible valve, helping avoid potential further disruption to other battery pack cells.

The dual-stage vent offering from Donaldson now includes the Flex and Burst vent options – both provide sealing and guarding against contaminants; offer continuous pressure equalization to help protect the battery housing from excess over- or under-pressure; expel damp air for effective ventilation; and help with mitigation of gasses in the case of a thermal runaway event inside the battery.  

“The Dual-Stage Flex battery vent is easy to integrate into most battery pack configurations and is a great choice for electric vehicle manufacturers looking for a venting solution with low-opening pressure. Both of our Dual-Stage vents feature Donaldson’s proprietary Tetratex™ ePTFE filtration membrane that is engineered for maximum airflow and offers advanced ingress protection.”

Shane Campbell, Senior Product Development Engineer, Donaldson Integrated Venting Solutions

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