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Meet Our People

   Transport and Facilities Manager

Q. Tell us about your work experience at Donaldson?

Vinod: I started working at Donaldson in 2008 as an Export Administrator. I have a qualification in Logistics & Supply Chain and so in 2015 I was promoted to Customer Service Supervisor, where I led the team in effectively driving enhanced customer experience. This made for a perfect foundation for my current role as Transport and Facilities Manager.

Q. What do you like most about your job?

Vinod: Apart from the great people, every day brings new challenges that allow me to learn and grow in my career and as an individual.

   Supply & Demand Manager

Q: How did you get into Supply Chain and Logistics?

Vera: I got into it by chance. I like to learn new things and so it happened that Logistics at the time was looking for someone for their continuous improvement projects. They gave me chance to learn and I have not stopped learning as there is always something new.

Q: What’s the best thing about working at Donaldson?

Vera: I like that the company develops its people and gives them a chance to learn and grow as the company grows. Donaldson’s values of integrity, respect and commitment is not just a slogan but expectations on both employer and employee.

   Customer Services Representative

Q: Tell us about your role as a Customer Services Representative.

Cheramy: My role, in a nutshell, is to ensure that our customers are happy with the service we provide. My duties on a daily basis include receiving and following up on orders and deliveries, providing feedback on stock availability and directing any queries to the relevant Donaldson employees.

Q: Can you describe a successful day at work?

Cheramy:​ A successful day is when I have given accurate feedback and processed orders timeously; ultimately ensuring that I have a happy customer the next day.

   General Operations Manager

“At Donaldson, you are appreciated and encouraged to be proud of your work.”

I started working in the filtration industry back in 1993. Donaldson always appealed to me, being a solution-oriented filtration manufacturer with strong company values. Since 2000 when I first started working at Donaldson, I have held various positions within the Operations team. Currently, as Operations Manager, my team and I ensure that we procure, manufacture and deliver products to our customers on a 'customers first' principle.

Donaldson has a solid business strategy and an excellent management team that is effective in executing the plan. What I love most about Donaldson is the focus on people, training and internal growth opportunities which help employees to develop, both professionally and personally.

Our corporate culture demonstrates important ethics and values that makes me feel appreciated, supported and proud of my work.