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Meet Linda Wolhowe

Q.  Did you always want to be an engineer? How did you come to your role at Donaldson Company?

My college career began in pre-veterinary medicine, but changed to engineering after my advisor discovered my interest in calculus. Transferring to engineering did not surprise my family, since my father had involved me in his engineering projects or patents from a young age and my high school math teacher fostered my love of math and problem solving. During college, I had several engineering internships. After graduation, I worked at engineering companies, including 3M and Eaton; at Eaton I designed hydraulic pumps and motors and became a certified fluid power specialist.  In 2010, I was hired by Donaldson as an engineer and project manager for the hydraulic filter known as the FLK.


Q.  What technologies have you been involved with at Donaldson?

Donaldson has provided technology opportunities for me in hydraulic and fuel filtration platform projects. The FLK hydraulic bowl-cartridge filter incorporates challenging technology involving a patent for seal and unique cartridge interfaces, using nylon components that are designed to withstand the high forces in hydraulic applications. When our team utilized this technology to successfully complete a project for a customer, we received a Technology Achievement Award for “developing a product that has made an extraordinary contribution to Donaldson’s long-term success.” It was an extremely rewarding experience.


A.     How would you define innovation?

The business definition of “innovation” involves a unique concept and/or process that is developed and yields a product. Donaldson Company fosters an environment of innovation, and encourages employees to have exceptional ideas and the persistence to resolve functional details, so our exclusive proprietary interfaces and configurations result in marketable filter products.


Q. Where will the next breakthroughs come in liquid filtration?

I think Donaldson will continue to have breakthroughs in liquid filtration by using water and hard particle filtration computer modeling. We will also design test equipment and test methods to represent real-world applications and enhance water/fuel coalescing filters for the bio-diesel fuel industry.