Food & Ingredients

Meat, cereal, chips... Regardless of how simple or complex a food manufacturing process is, every process owner needs to identify two crucial points for filtration:

  1. Points where contamination is first generated or introduced, and
  2. Critical control points where contamination of the product or process is at high risk, or where there is a "last chance" to remove it.

Plants that use multiple ingredients, heat and air treatments and packaging steps may require a more complex filtration system, but the common challenges remain. Consider filtration as the last possible processing step to remove surviving contamination and prevent the pickup of harmful bacteria just prior to packaging.

Through Donaldson's leading expertise we know that safe and cost-effective liquid, steam and air filtration is all about filter staging: the right efficiency at the right micron size in the right location.

Products for Food & Ingredients

Compressed Air & Gas

Our filter elements and housings for compressed air and gas are engineered to provide lower pressure drop, longer filter life, quick and easy element change-outs and more predictable maintenance.


We manufacture refrigerated compressed air, adsorption and membrane dryers to meet your specific air quality requirements.

Filter Housings

Donaldson filter housings are used to purify air and technical gases. We offer both non-sanitary and sanitary 3-A filter housings, both T-type and in-line as well as high pressure housings.

Filter Elements

From stainless steel mesh prefilters to sterile membrane final filters, our high-quality filter elements will help you optimize your process.


From utility water used during manufacturing processes to sterile ingredient water, Donaldson's range of liquid filtration solutions will help preserve the integrity of your product.

Filter Housings

We offer a broad range of filter housings from high quality polypropylene to stainless steel for purification of liquids in the food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, coatings and other process industries.

Filter Elements

Protect product integrity and enhance product performance with our cartridge filter elements for liquid process filtration.


Our high-quality stainless steel filter housings and elements provide excellent filtration and purification of steam necessary for culinary steam and clean steam applications.

Filter Housings

Our high-quality stainless steel filter housings are designed for the purification of industrial steam.

Filter Elements

We provide high performing steam filter elements to protect equipment and processes that rely on that steam for efficient, clean and/or sterile operation.

  • Filtration up to Process Water

  • Process Water
    Process water can indirectly come in contact with the final product, such as water used for rinsing bottles or rinsing after chemical disinfectants.

  • Ingredient Water
    Ingredient water comes in direct contact with the final product, such as water that becomes part of the final product. This water can be filtered down to sterile grade using Donaldson PES membrane elements.

  • CIP Solutions
    Clean in Place (CIP) solutions can be monitored for pH, filtered, and re-used in many applications rather than treating and sending the water to drain.

  • Packaging and Filling
    Filtration of final products (e.g., beer, wine, olive oil or bottled water) or aqueous solutions can be done using Donaldson's liquid filtration.

  • Cooking or Culinary Steam
    Culinary grade steam is essential to maintain integrity of a product and associated equipment. Steam can be used for cooking or direct injected into a product. Filtration saves money because:

    • Filtered steam is a quality assurance measure that protects against product recalls.
    • Filtered steam protects against unexpected downtime imposed by safety inspectors, regulators, or audits.
  • Compressed Process Air and Gases for Processing and Storage

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