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Recommended Replacement Schedule: Preventative Maintenance

As regulations and best practices become more stringent, it is important for manufacturing facilities to know the appropriate replacement schedule for elements that protect their process and product integrity. If a defined replacement schedule is not available for preventative maintenance of filtration elements, consider the following recommended replacement intervals.

Housing Replaceable Part Type Application Recommended Replacement Interval Steam Sterilization Cycles
3 MOS 6 MOS 12 MOS 5 YRS
DF P, B, V, M, S Compressed air        
A Compressed air      

AK Compressed air
PEP, SBP, FFP, MFP, SMFP Compressed air
Drains UFM-D, UFM-T, UFM-P Condensate management        
P-EG, PG-EG, P-BE P-SRF V, P SRF X*, PF-PT N Sterile air, gas       Up to 150 cycles
*Up to 250 cycles
P-GS, P-GSL N Steam, gas       Or after 6 cleanings
P-KG, P-FG, P-PT PP-FC, PP-FC 100 Liquid        
PP N, PP100 N, PP-TF N Liquid        
PF-EG, PG-IL PES WN, PES BN Liquid       Up to 100 cycles
P-GSL N Liquid       Or 6 ultrasonic baths
PG-EG, P-EG PF-PT N, P-PE, P-FF, P-MF, P-SMF, P-SB Compressed air, gas        
P-AK Gas        
PP N, PP100 N, PP-TF N Gas        
Ultrapac™ Smart DF-S Ultrapleat (pre- and post-filter) Compressed Air Every 3 months, check integrity with mobile app or dryer screen for element status
Desiccant cartridges
Ultrapac™ 2000 DF-S Ultrapleat Compressed air Every 3 months, check integrity with dryer screen for element status
Desiccant cartridges
Gaskets Gaskets Gasket At least every year or with every element replacement

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Important Notice 
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