Donaldson Blue Filters - A New Standard in Performance

Donaldson showcases over 150 premium replacement filters at 2014 CONEXPO-CON/AGG & IPFE, Booth 83940 (South Hall)

MINNEAPOLIS – March 3, 2014 – Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE:DCI), a leading, worldwide manufacturer of filtration systems and parts, is pleased to announce Donaldson Blue™, a premium filter line that will include more than 150 fuel, air intake, lube and coolant filters designed to meet a wide range of equipment application requirements. The Donaldson Blue line includes new-to-the world technologies like Synteq XP™ media, which is a game-changer for Tier 4 fuel filtration, and proven technologies like Ultra-Web® nanofiber media for air filtration – the original air intake nanofiber.

Donaldson Blue filters offer the best technology for improved efficiency and enhanced engine and equipment protection. Users will also benefit from reduced maintenance costs and increased equipment uptime.

“We have combined and expanded several fuel, air, lube, coolant and bulk fuel filtration lines to create one premiere filtration family that offers equipment owners what matters most: the proven protection that Donaldson filtration technology provides,” said Ted Angelo, Global Product Director at Donaldson Company. “The Donaldson Blue line offers filtration coverage for both on- and off-road applications. The common thread for Donaldson Blue products is that they provide superior performance in each filter category. In addition, the air intake, lube and coolant filters also offer longer filter life for extended service intervals. We’re thrilled to launch this new line at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG Show.”

Donaldson Blue air filters meet off-road application challenges
Manufactured using Donaldson’s advanced Ultra-Web nanofiber technology, these air filters are the best choice for off-road applications as they help reduce maintenance costs and increase equipment uptime. Donaldson Blue air filters protect engines and help them last longer by providing better initial and overall efficiency compared to conventional cellulose media. Donaldson Blue air filters are available in more than 50 sizes for off-road applications.

Lube filters that go the extra mile
For lube filters, the key to performance is balancing efficiency, capacity and restriction to provide optimal performance. Donaldson Synteq media balances all three characteristics, removing greater amounts of fine contaminant and delivering increased contaminant holding capacity compared to standard cellulose media. It all adds up to longer filter life and better engine protection.

Donaldson Blue fuel filters protect QSK engines
Donaldson Blue fuel filters, manufactured using Donaldson’s Synteq XP media technology, deliver superior performance under dynamic engine vibration, pulsation and flow surge conditions. Synteq XP media captures and retains higher amounts of particulate, reducing downstream contamination which results in optimal fuel injector and engine protection.

Keep Running with Clean Fuel
The Donaldson Blue filter line also includes innovations like bulk fuel filtration systems that clean fuel before you pump it into your equipment. When you combine Donaldson Blue bulk fuel filtration with Donaldson Blue on-board fuel filters, you get advanced fuel system protection for today’s advanced injectors and engines.

Regardless of the filter type, the best choice for your engines and equipment is Donaldson Blue – proven protection that pays off.

Donaldson will showcase the new line of Donaldson Blue filters at CONEXPO-CON/AGG & IPFE 2014 – South Hall, Booth #83940 – held March 4-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Learn more about Donaldson filtration technologies at and on YouTube.

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