Donaldson Clean Solutions heads feature robust, aluminum construction. Combined with the proper Clean Solutions filters, these heads are an integral part of ensuring your critical equipment receives the cleanest possible fuel and oil.


  • All diesel fuels and lubricants
  • Use only with Donaldson Clean Solutions Filters
  • Single Filter SAE, NPTF and Dual Filter SAE Connections


  • Integral part of delivering the cleanest possible fuel and oil
  • Application flexibility
  • Reliable performance


  • Aluminum head with steel inserts to minimize metal-to-metal bonding or galling between the head and filter
  • Viton® seals are compatible with most fluids
  • Pre-ported for optional pressure gauges or service indicators
  • SAE and NPTF connection options available
  1. Use with Clean Solutions single head filter models

  2. Service filter when flow slows or predetermined differential pressure is reached

  3. For dual filter heads:  always change both filters, using identical filter models.  When adding water absorbers, connect two dual heads in series with particulate filters primary and water absorbing filters secondary

  4. Isolate filter and relieve pressure prior to servicing

  5. Loosen filter by rotating counter clockwise using strap wrench

  6. Install clean filter by rotating clockwise, tighten 1/2 turn after filter seats in gasket. Use strap wrench if needed, but do not over tighten

  7. Dispose of used filters appropriately