What Hydraulic Assembly Do I Need?

My maximum working pressure is:

Low: For working pressures between 0-20 bar (0-290 psi)

Medium: For working pressures between 20-130 bar (290-1885 psi)

High: For working pressures between 130-450 bar (1885-6527 psi)

My maximum flow rate is:

Decrease Increase
Your Range:



FIK In-Tank

FIK in-tank filters are economical, space-saving units offering a variety of options including aluminum or plastic access covers, mounting option, breathers and accessories including diffusers and oil dipsticks

SRK Combo In-Tank

The SRK tank-mounted suction and return system is a popular choice for hydrostatic transmissions. The filtered flow is maintained at a slight back pressure to provide clean, pressurized oil, while reducing cavitation.

HRK10 Cartridge

The HRK10 high flow filter combines the best features of its predecessor, the HEK11: ANSI inlet port options, top cover filter servicing for ease of maintenance, and a selection of service indicators.

FBK Spin-On

The FBK series are economical, low pressure filters with spin-on convenience and a wide range of cleanliness ratings and sizes to cover several flow rates.

FHK In-Tank

The FHK in-tank filters are economical, space-saving units. They can be used in both return and suction line configurations.

FLK-FLS Cartridge

The FLK/FLS series are bowl/cartridge type in-line return filters.

FLK-FLA Cartridge

The FLK/FLA series are bowl/cartridge type in-line suction filters.

Duramax® HMK03 Spin-On

HMK03 Series Duramax® spin-on filters offer twice the capacity of competitive filters, yet they are physically smaller than traditional housing/cartridge filter assembles.

Duramax® HMK04/24 Spin-On

HMK04 (single) and HMK24 (double) Duramax® spin-on filters feature a durable die-cast aluminum head, heavy-duty steel body, with die-cast aluminum top plate for added strength. A special head-to-canister O-Ring seal prevents leakage.

Duramax® HMK05/25 Spin-On

HMK05 (single) and HMK25 (double) Duramax® spin-on filters are perfect for high-flow applications, featuring a heavy-duty steel body and die-cast top plate for added strength. A special head-to-canister O-Ring seal prevents leakage.

Duramax® HNK04/05 Spin-On

HNK Duramax® filters utilize a RadialSeal™ design for easier servicing and more reliable seal without having to torque to specification. Synteq™ filter media maintains high filtration efficiency and higher dust-holding capacity.

FLK90/110/125 Cartridge

The FLK assembly is a robust, reusable housing and disposable cartridge design, accommodating multiple housing lengths. Designed for easy, clean, convenient servicing.

HDK06 Cartridge

HDK06 filters come in two styles: In-line and tank mount. Both styles feature a die cast aluminum head and steel body for strength and durability; service is made easier with a single, center retention bolt on top of the head.

HFK08 Cartridge

HFK08 is available in two styles: in-line and in-tank. Both feature a cast aluminum head and steel body for maximum strength and durability. Its single, center retention bolt simplifies servicing.

FMK Cartridge

The FMK series are strong and durable medium pressure in-line filters with a tempered aluminum head and aluminum bowl. The cartridge style allows for easy servicing.

FCK-LC Cartridge

The FCK-LC is a strong and durable medium pressure in-line filter with aluminum alloy bowl and head.

FPK02 Cartridge

Built for high pressure applications, the FPK02 features strong, durably constructed cast iron head and cold-extruded steel housing. It meets the HF2 in-plant automotive specification.

FPK04 Cartridge

The FPK04 T-type ported series offers flows up to 379 lpm / 100 gpm with a bypass option and conforms to the HF3 automotive standard. Donaldson Synteq™ media is offered in a variety of designs.