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Fleet Equipment Talks Filter Minder™ Connect

We're not the only ones excited about the Donaldson Filter Minder Connect monitoring solution. Our own Nate Zambon recently spoke with Fleet Equipment to discuss how the technology can enhance fleet management programs across industries.

Nate Zambon, Director of Filter Minder at Donaldson

Building Trust in Truck Data Solutions

We’re at a tipping point now in data-driven trucking solutions where the true challenge is not so much finding the right solution — it’s in using that solution. Data has a knack for contradicting assumptions, and no one likes to be wrong. So how are solutions providers helping to build trust in new data-rich offerings?

In an interview with Fleet Equipment Magazine, Nate Zambon, director of Filter Minder, says it’s all about showing your data work. Consider the Filter Minder™ Connect monitoring solution: its sensors and receiver wirelessly transmit performance data to the cloud, and predictive analytics inform users when filters and engine oil are approaching the end of their optimal life. So when it tells you that a filter still has useful life even though, historically, you would have changed the filter on the next preventive maintenance service, it’s helpful to take a look at the filter yourself to see the proof in the data.

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