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Donaldson DEF Innovation Contributes to "Tractor of the Year"

MINNEAPOLIS (March 2016) — A Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE: DCI) innovation contributed to AGCO’s "Best Utility Tractor" win in the Tractor of the Year awards at the 2015 Agritechnica Show in Hannover, Germany.

A jury of experts from 23 European countries bestowed the Massey Ferguson 5713 SL with the award. When explaining their decision, competition judges praised the Donaldson All-In-One Compact After-Treatment emissions system that comes standard on the award-winner. In addition to ensuring that the tractor’s AGCO Power engines meets Tier 4 final emission regulations, the innovative compact design of the Donaldson system enables the MF 5713 SL to have one of the slimmest steep-nosed hoods in its class, leading to excellent maneuverability and visibility.

"We congratulate AGCO on the win, and we’re proud to contribute to such a great product. The AGCO attention to detail and precision is second to none, and that’s a quality that Donaldson truly values. The opportunity to solve a problem that has long been challenging the tractor industry was one that we gladly accepted."

Noel Brethon, Global Director of Exhaust and Emissions, Donaldson Company

With ever-evolving global guidelines affecting the way engine and equipment manufacturers handle emissions for both on- and off-road applications, emission control devices have become an integral part of most diesel engines. Early versions of these devices were large and cumbersome, either strapped to the engine under the hood or tucked away behind the cab. They weren’t pretty, and the large, garbage can-sized devices often took quite a bit of creative engineering to build around. With underhood-space in a tractor at a premium, there was a distinct need for a smaller, less-intrusive emissions system.

Donaldson answered the call with its All-In-One Compact After-Treatment​ System. The proprietary design offers a reduction in size, weight and cost when compared to equivalent systems.

This advanced Donaldson technology uses a special system that thoroughly mixes the engine’s exhaust gases with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). This process, called Selective Cat​alytic Reduction (SCR), is an efficient way to turn nitrogen-oxide emissions into harmless nitrogen and water.

In short, the Donaldson All-In-One Compact After-Treatment System lets modern diesel engines meet current emissions regulations in North America and Europe without compromising power, efficiency, maintenance, ground clearance or visibility. Its success on the MF 5713 SL earned Donaldson AGCO’s “Supplier Collaboration Award” for 2015.

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