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Condensate Management

Donaldson Compressed Air & Process offers reliable products for economically and responsibly draining and purifying condensate. Donaldson offers two forms of condensate management: our electronically controlled Condensate Drain Valve and Oil/Water Separator.

UFM-D Drains Zero-Loss Electronic Condensate Drain
Donaldson UFM-D condensate drain
has a compact design allowing for installation in restricted space applications. The UFM-D is designed to open only when necessary and close before any loss of compressed air occurs. The unique internal reservoir and flow channels reduce the possibility of blockage and minimize fouling of the drain valve seat. The Ultramat zero air loss condensate drain valve can pay for itself in less than six months, contributing to lower costs through conserving energy.

DS Oil/Water Separators
Donaldson DS oil/water separators utilizes gravity to separate oil/water mixtures and purify the condensate to a residual oil content of 20 ppm or lower. Designed to effectively and efficiently separate oil from compressed air condensate this unit is available in 7 models ranging from 70 to 4,500 cfm. The DS Series are easy to install,
operate and maintain. They require no power, unless fitted with an optional heater, and operate without intervention between maintenance intervals.

P-EG Steam Trap / Condensate Drains
Donaldson steam trap / condensate drains are designed for use on our P-EG filter housings. It can be used to filter both steam and air or technical gases. The kit contains a stainless steel, free floating lever drain as well as components to assemble with the P-EG housing.


Compressor Filtration

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