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Process Liquid: Housings

For purification and sterile filtration of liquids in the food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, coatings and other process industries, Donaldson Compressed Air & Process Filtration offers high quality polypropylene and stainless steel housings for a wide variety of applications. We offer housings with and without 3-A certification, both T-type and in-line housings.

P-RL High Flow Liquid Filtration
Donaldson® P-RL is the new standard in coarse liquid filtration. The P-RL filter uses two pleated, single-open end cartridges with inside-to-out flow to remove coarse particulate from liquids. The unique filter shape allows more media to be used in a smaller housing.

P-FG Liquid Filter Housing
Donaldson® P-FG filter housings are designed for filtration of beverages and other liquids such as process water, mineral water, beer, wine, soft drinks, juice and other products. The P-FG is a cost-effective stainless steel housings.  It is built using 304 SS, mil finish inner and bead blast exterior, equipped with two pressure gauges and either FNPT or Flanged connections, depending on the housing size. All housings are built to accept Code 7 filter elements.

PF-EG Sanitary Liquid Filter Housing
Our PF-EG sanitary liquid filter housings are designed to accommodate Code 7 (P7) filter elements (bayonet locking tab and centering fin ends), are equipped with Tri-clamp sanitary flange connections, and are 3-A certified for dairy applications.

P-PT Liquid Filter Housing
Donaldson® P-PT T-style filter housings are designed for industrial liquid applications that require an all stainless steel construction. The single nut closure allows for easy element replacement while the T-style in-line orientation allows for easy installation. It is built using 316 stainless steel, equipped with two pressure gauge ports and either FNPT, Flange, Tri-clamp or Welded End connections. All housings are built to accept multiple filter element connection types.

P-KG Liquid Filter Housing
Our P-KG polypropylene liquid filter housings are an economical alternative to metal housings for flow rates up to 20 gpm. The housing is designed to accommodate Double Open End (DOE) filter elements.

PG-IL In-line Sanitary Liquid Filter Housing
The PG-IL in-line sanitary air/gas filter housing is an ideal choice for installations with limited space, and when very low pressure drop is required. PG-IL housings are available in 316L stainless steel with standard flow rates 215 to 1,290 scfm. All housings are equipped with Tri-clamp connections and are certified to 3-A and BPE.










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