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Process Steam: Elements

Donaldson offers two steam elements: a pleated stainless steel element for higher capacity applications and a sintered stainless steel media. Both elements have a range of particle retention rates and can be regenerated many times to extend the filter life. Our filters were designed and constructed to ensure excellent material resistance to steam and aggressive gases as well as withstand many regeneration cycles for long life.

Donaldson P-GSL N Pleated Stainless Steel Filter Element
Donaldson’s P-GSL N filter element is suitable for use in filtering steam, gases and liquids. The pleated stainless steel filter provides high dirt holding capacity at low differential pressure and high flow rates. The P-GSL N can be regenerated by ultrasonic bath or by back-flushing which extends the filter life. Heavy-duty construction allows the element to withstand a differential pressure of up to 145 psi and a temperature range of –4 °F up to 392°F for the filtration of air, gases, steam or liquids.

Donaldson P-GS Sintered Stainless Steel Filter Element
The P-GS 5 micron filter element, used for filtration of steam, gas, and liquid, exceeds 3-A guidelines for the production of culinary steam under Accepted
Practice T609-03. Improved steam quality ensures longer service life of the filter elements being sterilized and
increases the efficiency of the entire process.
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