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Insist on Donaldson Genuine PowerCore® Air Filters

Perform Better on Dust-Loading & Initial Restriction

Who would you rather trust to protect your engine: An Innovator or Imitator?

PowerCore air filters have logged billions of on-road miles and off-road hours, protecting engines, reducing downtime, and saving money for fleet operators. This innovative air intake system has delivered “big performance in a small footprint” to top OEMs and equipment owners around the world.

Genuine PowerCore filters perform better on both dust-loading and initial restriction.

Better Dust-Loading

Extending filter life with 26% more contaminant-loading capacity. Greater filter capacity means longer filter life, which means fewer filter changes and less money spent on maintenance.

Better Initial Restriction

Genuine PowerCore filters protect performance with 27% lower initial restriction. Higher restriction negatively impacts engine performance, including reduced fuel economy.

*Per ISO 5011 @ OEM rated airflow.
So what’s the real cost of an air filter with higher restriction?

$105-$215 per truck/per year!* Choosing a “lower-cost” air filter may seem like it’s saving you money – until you realize you may pay a big penalty in fuel economy.

*Assumes $2.92 diesel fuel cost, 100k miles per year under typical operating conditions.
39 Million Reasons to Choose Genuine Donaldson PowerCore Filters
Straight-through air flow offers proven protection.

We've put more than 39 million PowerCore air filters into equipment in hard-working, challenging environments. PowerCore filters are trusted by truck drivers, construction workers, and farmers. Wherever there is a job to be done, genuine Donaldson PowerCore filters are providing superior protection and performance, extended uptime, and the cost savings realized by less-frequent maintenance.

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