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We offer a full line of fuel filter accessories such as add-on water collection bowls and a variety of Twist&Drain™ valves for easy water management. All Donaldson Twist&Drain™ style fuel filter water separators have a connection that can accommodate multiple drain valve types, as well as a water collection bowl. The clear water collection bowl (80ml capacity) is a separate component that can be added on for easy, visual water inspection and maintenance. All fuel filter water separators ship with a standard Twist&Drain™ valve. A variety of other Twist&Drain valves types are available so you can configure the exact system needed.

Replacement Seals

If seals show signs of wear or deterioration they should be replaced. The placement of the seals are between the threaded connections of the filter, water collection bowl, and Twist&Drain valve. When purchasing a water collection bowl or a Twist&Drain valve, one seal will be included.

Donaldson Fuel Filtration Overview

Donaldson filters help prevent premature injector and pump wear by delivering clean fuel to your engine. This module provides an in-depth look at Donaldson fuel filters and how Donaldson delivers a better way to filter your engine's fuel through the advancement of media technologies.