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Medical Vents

Protect Critical Equipment

Reliability of medical devices is crucial. Donaldson acoustic and protective vents are made with our proprietary Tetratex® expanded PTFE membranes for a wide variety of applications in the medical industry. Our vents protect against liquids and particulates while allowing air and sound through to ensure the performance of critical medical equipment and supplies.

Vents for Medical


Donaldson offers a variety of venting products and assemblies, from acoustic to screw-in vents, built to tackle the most challenging venting situations.

Hearing Device Filters

Acoustically transparent Donaldson® d-Guard™ hearing device filters protect the microphone from contaminants.

Adsorbent Vents and Assemblies

Our adsorbent vents and assemblies protect medical device without negatively affecting their operation.

Vents for Medical Sub-Markets